How is your business like an Elephant

Want to move and grow your business, but find yourself held back by resources, financing, and other things within your control? Feel like you are tied down by low productivity, lack of systematization? read story

Forward Planning

EVERY successful business starts with a business plan and every growing business needs one.

Strategic Consulting

Orloff Advisors will develop a clear Strategic Plan for your business. This is the “playbook”...

Technology Analysis

Computer systems, software integration, and the required people integration are the types of...

Streamlining Processes

Orloff Advisors has a unique approach to streamlining processes. We work with you...

Asset Liquidation

The liquidation of your business (or part of your business) is a one-time event...

Conflict Resolution

Another level of service that distinguishes us from other Consulting firms is...

About Us

Orloff Advisors LLC – Business Growth Consultants

If you are here, reading this, you are probably an entrepreneur with a small to middle-market business. If you are looking for growth channels, to streamline operations, and to differentiate your company in the marketplace then we can help you. We will guide you through the necessary steps to successfully grow your business, specifically focusing on research, design, planning, assessment, and management structures.

At Orloff Advisors LLC, Business fundamentals are our forté with a focus on market research, planning, strategy, measurement, evaluation, and control.

Tap into New Growth channels. Streamline Your Operations. Differentiate Your Company.


What People Say About us

Dr. James Lani Founder & CEO Intellectus Statistics, LLC

Once you meet Louis, you'll realize he has the ability to see both the large macro picture as well as get into the small micro details. He has helped Statistics Solutions focus our business on our core strengths, assisted us in marketing campaigns, and written marketing copy. He is enormously creative, warm and personally engaging consultant.

Kevin Bupp Real Estate Investment Principal | 20+ Years Experience | Host of the "Real Estate Investing for Cashflow" Podcast

I can recommend Louis Orloff as a person with great expertise and deep recognition of business strategy and solutions. Smart Business Consultant, his knowledge is vast and thorough. Creative, open minded and ambitious person willing to go the extra mile for his clients. l can highly recommend working with him.

Eliza Anton Consultant (PgM,PM,BI,UX) Entrepreneur and Aspiring Author

I had the pleasure of working for Louis Orloff at Matrix Group Limited in 2005. He has continued to be a great mentor for me,even now, years after my employment. Louis is a visionary leader who motivates his employees achieve their greatest potential. His challenge to us was to design our own future with the skills and knowledge that exists with in us. I appreciate all that he has done for me on a professional level.